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Youth Ministry

ROCK & TARE Groups 

Contact: Youth Director Brittney Owens

Important Dates: Confirmation Mass will be May 5th at 6:00pm.

Confirmation Requirements: Confirmation is a 2 year program and Confirmation classes may begin starting in 9th grade.

Attendance: Confirmation students are allowed 3 absences total each semester. This is for both excused and unexcused. More than three total absences will result in ineligibility to be Confirmed that year, and the classes must be repeated.

Retreat: All 2nd year Confirmation students are required to attend a Confirmation retreat. If you are unable to attend the retreat offered by Christ the King, please contact local parishes or the dioceses and make plans to attend one of those retreats. At the time of the parish retreat, Baptismal certificates are due. If we do not have the Baptismal certificate, attendance will not be allowed.

Community Service: All Confirmation students are required to serve in the community. The requirement is 20 hours. CTK will offer service hours but each teen will need to, independently, find other avenues to serve.

Service opportunities on site include usher, lector, altar server, PRE teachers aid (contact the church office)

Service opportunities in the community include (but are not limited to) RAM, Girls shelter, Salvation Army, Community Rescue Mission, Baptist, Children’s Emergency Shelter

Baptismal Certificate: To be eligible for Confirmation, the office must be given a baptismal certificate. Please contact the parish where baptism took place and have them send a baptismal certificate. Failure to do so will result in ineligibility. We require a newly issued, original copy to be sent to the office. As Catholics receive sacraments, notations are added to the original certificates. We must have the newly issued certificate in order to review all notations.

Sponsor: Teens need 1 sponsor for Confirmation. A sponsor for Confirmation must be a minimum age of 16 and in good standing. “Good standing” means they must be active parishioners ( registered at a parish and tithing), have received all the sacraments, and, if married, be married in the Church. The Church office needs a letter of good standing from the sponsors parish. If their parish cannot provide sacrament information, the sponsor must provide it.


2022 Confirmation date has been set for May 15th, 2022 at 11:30am.