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Trust and Endowment Fund

Trust and Endowment Fund
Christ the King Catholic School Trust & Endowment Fund was established in 1994 under mandate from the Diocese of Little Rock. Its mission is to provide an opportunity for all Catholic children within our parish to receive a Catholic education. Endowment funds are preserved through investments. Christ the King Catholic School uses the earned income from these investments to help maintain affordable tuition, provide additional operating income for the school when needed, allow for capital improvements and enhance the quality of the Catholic education. The expectation is that the principle amount will remain constant and a predictable source of income for the school.

The original goal for establishing the base of the endowment was one million dollars. Thanks to donors such as yourself we accomplished this goal in 2013. Our current objective is to continue to encourage and educate parishioners, friends and alumni to leave a gift to the school in their will or by way of life insurance policies.

All parishioners can contribute to the growth of TEF by using the TEF envelopes in the Sunday offertory. Please consider helping our School Trust & Endowment Fund continue to prosper.

You can also support Christ the King by clicking below and choosing TEF as your charitable organization when you shop at Amazon. Thank you for your continued support!