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St. Margaret Series Week 2

St. Margaret Series Week  2
By Cindy Barr, Director of Faith Formation

When we left Sister Margaret last week, Jesus had shown her His Sacred Heart and told her that He was so sad about the half-hearted, lukewarm Catholics that His Heart so loved that ‘it has spared nothing’, not even His life.   Then He gave Sister Margaret a mission, a very important mission!  Her mission, should she choose to accept it… of course, she accepted it!  Her mission was to console Jesus with her love, do penance for the half-hearted Catholics among the priests and nuns, and to take the message about devotion to His Sacred Heart all over the world.     

WOW!  That seems like a tall order!   But remember “God doesn’t call the qualified, He qualifies the called”!  So, what exactly did this mission look like for Sister Margaret?    First, Jesus asked her to pray before the tabernacle for 1 hour at 11 o’clock at night on the first Thursday of the month and keep Him company in the middle of the night.  But He didn’t want her to sit in the pew, He asked her to lay flat on the floor on her tummy.   Then the next day she was to receive Holy Communion in reparation for (BCW- an apology for) for the halfhearted Catholics in the whole world.   In those days Holy Communion was not taken as often as it is now.   As part of spreading the message, Sister Margaret was to tell the bishops of the entire Church that more often and more respectful Communion was requested and desired by Jesus’ Sacred Heart.   

As you can imagine some of the sisters she lived with did not believe Sister Margaret was being visited and especially didn’t believe she was speaking with Jesus Himself.  At first, even her superior did not believe her.  Some of them treated her very badly and made fun of her and complained about her.   The church officials who were assigned to look into the visions Sister Margaret was having told her to ‘eat a more healthy diet’, some called her a faker and an imposter.   

Then, Fr. Claude de la Colombiere came to the convent of the Visitation Sisters.   Sister Margaret’s superior told Father about one of her nuns claimed to have visitations from Jesus.  Fr. Claude said he knew just how to handle it.   He asked the superior to have this sister identify herself to him as the one being visited when she went to confession that week.    When Sister Margaret went to confession, she did as she was told.  Fr. Claude said that he would believe her if she would ask Jesus at His next visit with her what mortal sin (BCW- the worst type of sin) Fr. Claude confessed at his last confession.  Sister Margaret did as Fr. Claude asked of her.  

At her next confession, Father asked Sister Margaret what sin Jesus had told her he had confessed.  Sister Margaret was a bit unsure of how her answer would be received by Fr. Claude and if her claims of seeing Jesus would be believed.   Sister Margaret said, “Jesus said ‘I don’t remember’”.  God doesn’t remember the sins we confess in the confessional.   Once we confess our sins to a priest, God forgets them and so should we.  This was the right answer, Fr. Claude believed Sister Margaret and became her spiritual director (BCW- faith supporter/guide).   It was a total of 10 years, that she had to suffer the bad treatment of the fellow sisters she lived with and her superior before her message was believed.  

What happens with Sister Margaret’s mission now that she has a supporter to help her and her convent behind her finally?   You’ll have to come back next week to find out!  

Remember, in the beginning, I told you there were 12 Promises from God?  I promise we’ll get to those next time!  In the meantime, you can color the attached Sacred Heart page.   Count your BCWs, color your page and send in all of them with your questions!  I love hearing from you and I miss you all! 

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