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St. Margaret Series Week 1

By Cindy Barr

But First, I want to tell you about a new phrase and abbreviation I will be using, “BCW” or “Big Catholic Words”.   BCWs are words that you hear at Mass, in school or PREP, that sound hard and super complicated, for example, transubstantiation.  I will try to warn you of any BCWs and give a ‘not BCW’ word as well, as in our example the ‘not BCWs’ would be ‘the changing of bread and wine into the Body and Blood of Jesus’.  BCWs, not BCWs. Got it?  Great!  I challenge you to also look these BCWs up with your parents.  That always helps me remember what they mean and can bring a deeper meaning to your faith, together as a family.   Now on to this week’s story.   Are you ready?  Here we go…

There once was a sweet young girl named Margaret who lived in France in the 1600s.  She was born July 22, 1947.    Her family didn’t have much money, but they were devout (BCW– loved and practiced their Catholic faith) Catholics.    Margaret had a very hard childhood.  Her father died when she was 8-years old.  Then when Margaret was 10, she became very sick and had to be in bed for 5 years.   She could not play, go outside and she didn’t have a phone, TV or video games.  She was quarantined in bed!  But Margaret led a life of penitence (BWC- feeling sorry for sins)– and devotion (BCW- a feeling of love) to the Blessed Sacrament.   Jesus started appearing to her more than once covered with the wounds of his Passion and death.  Margaret’s illness did get better and she vowed (BCW- promised God) not to ever marry, but to take Jesus as her husband.    

When she was a little older, Margaret’s mother, despite her daughter’s vow to never marry convinced her, with her brothers, to go out socializing to the dances to try to find a husband.  Margaret wasn’t sure, but she went with her brothers.  Even though she didn’t commit a serious sin, she did give in to vanity and pride.   After coming home from one of the dances, Our Lord appeared to Margaret with the wounds from His scourging (BCW- the beating Jesus received before He was crucified) and showed His disappointment in her choice and reminded Margaret of her vow to Him.  Margaret was instantly sorry for what she had done and remembered and restored her vow to take Jesus as her only husband.   Then in 1671, she became a nun in the Order of the Visitation.

Sister Margaret seemed to be a very ordinary nun to everyone, with nothing special about her.  She was slow and didn’t move very quickly in her work in the convent, mostly due to her childhood illness.   But Our Lord continued to visit her.  He had other plans for her.   Our Lord showed Sister Margaret His Heart and told her that He was very sad that so many who practice their religion faithfully were half-hearted about their faith, especially those that had vowed to love nothing and no one other than God- priests and others that took vows of religious life.    At one of the visitations to Sister Margaret, in 1675, Jesus opened His robe showing her His human Heart and he asked her to look at His Heart that loved us so much that It spared nothing, not even pain and death, all because His Heart loved us.  People have repaid His ‘exhausting and consuming’ love with lukewarm, sinfulness, neglect, inattention, and “by the coldness and contempt they have for me in this sacrament of love…” He was referring to the Blessed Sacrament (BCW- the Eucharist- the Bread turned to Jesus’ flesh that we consume at Mass).  Then He gave Sister Margaret her mission, a very important mission.  

What was her mission??   Was she supposed to come to America as a missionary?  Was her mission to do the laundry for the sisters at her convent (BCW- a home where nuns all live together)?  Did Jesus want her to go to Rome and see the Pope to sweep the floor of the Vatican?  Was she to console Jesus by her love?    Tune in next week to find out!  

While you wait to find out, you can color the attached Sacred Heart picture.   Also, did you get all our BCW’s for this week?  Count then and ask your parents to email me and tell me how many BCW’s you found.  I’d love to hear from you!  Tell me which is your favorite BCW, if there is a BCW you want to know about or any other questions you have been wondering about.  If I can’t answer your question, or find the answer, I am sure Fr. Juan can.   Email me your questions, the number of BCWs you found, and your coloring sheets.  I am looking forward to hearing from you all!

Sacred Heart- St, Margaret coloring