School 479-782-0614 Church 479-783-7745



Altar Society: Sherry Waelder, Chairperson This group maintains everything used in the celebration of Mass. They meet every Tuesday in the church at 9:00 a.m. Contact Sherry Waelder:

Adult Choir and Funeral Choir:  Judy Weisenfels  Adult Choir practice is 6:00 PM on Tuesday evenings. The choir sings at 9:00 AM Mass and funerals when needed. Please call Judy Weisenfels at 479-651-1644.

Extraordinary Ministers of Communion John Mazurkiewicz.   For Liturgy, Hospital, and Home Bound. For more information, please call  John at 479-769-4545.

Altar Servers:  Susan Dubois
To assist the Priest during Mass. minimum age is 4th grade.  If interested, contact Susan Dubois or 479-629-0396

Ushers: Pam Riggs
The ushers greet, assist with seating, take up collections, and pass out bulletins after Mass. For more information, please contact Pam 479-459-3284.

Lectors: Shaun McCaffrey
For Mass welcome, announcements and to assist the Priest in the Liturgy of the Word and Universal Prayers. For more information, please call Shaun McCaffrey at  479-420-7888.