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Fall Retreat

Join us every Sunday in October for a Fall Retreat with Dc. Tom Jakobs.

The Christ the King Church (1920 S Greenwood Ave) fall retreat for adults and teens will be on the four Sundays of October from 10-11:15 am in the parish hall inside of the CTK school. The retreat, entitled “The Wisdom of the Cross” explores St. Clare of Assisi’s poverty of the cross. Deacon Tom Jakobs will lead this free retreat that includes a light breakfast. All are invited. Please come!

If you can’t make the retreat but would like to participate, Dc. Tom provides audio recordings. Email him at to ask for the link to mp3 files. Links will be provided each week. Call Kathy at the CTK church office for more information on the retreat. (479) 782-0614

Planned topics for each week:

Week 1 – Overview of Francis and Clare and their spiritual journeys, but focusing on Clare

Week 2 – Clare’s understanding of the poverty of God. This theology sees God as self-emptying, which is a poverty. Clare is very focused on the incarnation and crucifixion of Christ, as was Francis.

Week 3 – Clare’s understanding of the crucifix as a mirror of what we are called to. Dc. Tom was blown away by her understanding of this. It is beautiful, profound and moving. The basic idea is that the crucifix calls us to recognize both our faults and our calling to become the image of God – it is a mirror that helps us to see who we are in God’s eyes.

Week 4 – How do we incorporate Clare’s understanding into our prayer and how we act in the world? The goal of Clare’s spirituality is to transform our spirit from a people who are self-centered and believe we are self-sufficient to people whose ‘spirit’ exudes God’s presence.