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Since Vatican II (1963), cremation has been allowed by the Catholic Church as long as it is not done to express a refusal to believe in the resurrection of the body. Due to the increasing expense of a traditional burial, cremation is becoming a more and more popular alternative. While the Church prefers that a funeral Mass be held with the body of the deceased present, the liturgical regulation of 1997 allow for a Mass with the urn present. One of the most popular questions about cremation is, “What options are available for disposition of the ashes?” The ashes can be buried in a blessed cemetery plot or placed in a niche of a blessed columbarium. The Catholic Church does not approve of retaining the ashes in an urn on the fireplace mantle or on a closet shelf, scattering the ashes, or dividing the ashes up among family members since these methods do not reflect as fully the dignity and sanctity of the body.