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I love the CTK Parish and School, it has become our extended family.  Relocating to Fort Smith in 2014 put my family states away from all our friends and relatives.  The parish and school community welcomed us with open arms.  Their love and support rapidly changed Fort Smith form where we had moved to our home.

David Greene,

(School Board President,School Parent, & Parishioner)
When we moved here 3 years ago we had 2 important considerations - find a quality school for our 3 children and a church that made us feel like we were home.  We were blessed to find both.  What makes the school and parish exceptional is the people. The kindness and the passion by many to continue the success of both the school and parish makes me feel proud.

Melissa Ross,

(Parent & Parishioner,CTK Parish)
The teachers at CTK truly have a passion for working with our students to make sure they receive the best education possible!"  "I feel our daughter is not only excelling in her education, but also her spirituality!

Andrea Tharnish,

(School Parent,CTK School)
Why do I love Christ the King Catholic School? UNIFORMS! There is never a clothing crisis or melt down. Every morning we get up and put on a uniform that everyone else wears.  Christ the King Catholic School focuses on the entire child — mentally, physically, and spiritually. Our students are taught moral and core values that will remain with them throughout their entire lives.  The teachers and staff genuinely care about the students and in turn the students genuinely care about their teachers and classmates.  They are all our extended family.

Shirley Skulman,

(Parishioner & School Parent,)
Why do I love CTK? 1) Lifelong friendships - the friends I met at Christ the King have remained with me throughout my life. I am so thankful for the strong friendships based on similar core values I gained 25+ years ago. These friends have helped and remain to help shape the direction of my life.  2. Relationship with God - In kindergarten, I learned a goodnight prayer. I’ve said this prayer every night for as long as I can remember. I am so thankful for the strong foundation CTK helped me build with God. 3. Love of learning - I LOVE learning and this love started at Christ the King thanks to the passion of the teachers, their endless encouragement and the friendly competition between students 🙂  4. Home - The staff, my peers, crispito day in the cafeteria... CTK will always feel like home to me. I am so thankful to be a part of this community!

Elysia Hampel,

(CTK School,Class of 2003)
What I love about CTK is the friendships I made there. Over fifteen years later, I still remain good friends with many of my former classmates.

Matt Henry,

(CTK School,Class of 2003)